Monsoon storm knocks out power for some

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Mother nature has been out there stirring things up up, causing monsoon damage.

The south side was one of the hardest hit areas-- and while life quickly got back to normal for most people, that wasn't the case for a few shop owners along Nogales highway.

A downed power line turned an ordinary Sunday morning into a big waiting game for a few shop owners.

Tucson Electric crews had the pole upright around noon, but they were still trying to restore power.

"No business right now," Peter Lorn with Sunrise Liquor has been sitting in his sweltering convenience store, waiting for the lights to switch on.

He says everything went dark when monsoon rains hit about 4 P.M. Saturday, "We were actually holding the door open because the wind was blowing so hard and people came in just to stand inside."

Since then, Lorn says he's turned away dozens of customers.

"The drinks are okay but we had to actually come back last night around 10 o'clock to take the freezers out 'cause we have like a thousand dollars worth of ice cream that melted."

Further down the strip mall, people with the church on the corner were packing up to have service somewhere else, "We're heading out to someone's house to do a service we usually have at five here but the power's off."

They piled up some folding chairs and drove off.

The tent next door didn't even stand a chance. A seafood stand is usually set up underneath, but for now, workers are going to have to find another place to do business.

Business owners say the storm lasted for just a few minutes. While there were incidents of damage-- there were no reported injuries.