Burglar tries to break in to Arizona's GOP headquarters

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PHOENIX - An anxious man couldn’t wait until November 2nd to be involved in the 2010 Arizona Senate election.

Shortly after 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, a man tried to break into the Republican Party’s Phoenix headquarters, and it was all caught on tape.

A security video captured the incident, showing a man dressed in dark pants and a flannel shirt peering into a window next to the front door.

The man smashes the window with a rock, setting off the alarm system.

The suspect then flees the scene, having never entered the building. 

Authorities say the man caused approximately $300 in damages.  

The Republican party says they understand why the man was so eager to get in.  “We can only assume that he was trying to register as a Republican,” said the party’s communications director, Matthew Roberts.

In a press release sent Friday, party Chairman Randy Pullen said, “We know people all around Arizona are practically breaking down the door to register Republican, but all this guy had to do was wait until the morning.”

The GOP reminds the would-be burglar and all of Arizona that the deadline to register for the primary is July 26, 2010.

Phoenix Police Department is asking anyone with information on the suspect’s identity to call 602-262-6151.