Hay fire continues to burn in Gilbert

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GILBERT, Ariz. - A hay fire continues to burn Monday morning in Gilbert as crews bring in heavy machinery to extinguish the blaze.

The hot conditions have not allowed investigators an opportunity to really get in there and investigate the exact cause of the blaze.

Fire officials say the hay could burn for days.

The fire started early Sunday morning near Greenfield and Pecos roads.

A total of 1500 tons of hay could go up in flames by the time the flames are completely extinguished.

It's the second Sunday in a row that a hay fire started in Gilbert. That fire was much smaller, but not far away from the location of the current fire.

Still no word on what started this latest fire.

Fire officials are encouraging people with breathing problems who live in the area to stay indoors. They are continuing to monitor air quality due to the smoke from the blaze.