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Vital Solutions MD - Losing Weight Safely  
The basic tenets of Vital Solutions MD work for anyone who needs or desires to lose weight. The program is highly customized so that it can accomplish the goals of each individual. So whether a person has 10 lbs to lose or 110 lbs, anyone can be successful in losing the weight & keeping it off. Vital Solutions MD is offering viewers a $200 discount off the our Elite 12 week HCG Program. For information on the Scottsdale location call 480- 477-6334. For Mesa location call 480-289-3690. Visit them on the web at

Dr. Theresa Ramsey, N.M.D., The Center for Natural Healing - Diabetes
For more information call 480-970-0077 or visit

Tobler Law - Dog Bite
Over 5,700 bites were reported in Maricopa County last year. Bites are a form of communication for dogs and  can  be very dangerous as infections can be life threatening with potential for nerve damage, scarring/disfigurement, emotional trauma. If you or your child is bitten first get immediate  medical  care, find the dog owner/keeper & get contact information, call Animal Control & then talk to a lawyer about your rights. Under AZ law – dog owners/keepers are to be held responsible for compensation for all harms stemming from dog bite (i.e. medical bills, future scar revision, counseling etc.). The dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance will typically cover this. Tobler Law is a family owned & run law firm. It is a team of Lorin Tobler with decades of experience, Maren Tobler Hanson the tough litigator & Nathan Tobler, raring to go with energy. Tobler Law will treat you like a member of the family. Tobler Law, Your Accident & Injury Team can be reached at 480- 898-9700 or visit  

Chef Eddie Matney, Eddie’s House
To make a reservation at Eddie’s House call 480-946-1622 or visit 
>>View Chef Eddie’s recipe for Greek Salad with Jumbo Prawns.
To Fix It - Suburban Mortgage Inc.
For more information visit or call 602-TO FIX IT.

Gen Rox Financial - Debt Management 
Gen Rox Financial has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as a leader in the industry. If you are having a hard time making your minimum monthly payments, hundreds of dollars every month can be saved  & financial freedom regained! Visit or call 1-800-921-4246 for more information.

Advanced Allergy Relief of Arizona
A new treatment is going on right here in the Valley that can change your life. The nervous system can be re-programmed by Advanced AllergyRelief of Arizona to no longer respond negatively to allergies & sensitivities without any needles or medications. For more information on Advanced Allergy Relief of Arizona visit or call 602-866-3500.

Floral arrangements by God’s Garden Treasures
For more information go to or call 480-603-7673.