Two Lunar Bingo nights coming up at Fort McDowell Casino

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Fort McDowell Casino is the happening place to be on Saturday nights, especially when it's Lunar Bingo night!

"It's kind of like Cosmic Bowling, but it's with bingo," explained Sandra Grijalva. "It's not your typical bingo. We're talking black lights, loud music. ... You definitely want to wear your glow-in-the-dark gear."

Ruben S of The Beat will be there to host and DJ.

"It's a different experience," Grijalva said. "Definitely not like your 'shhh' quiet bingo. We get loud!"

There are all kinds of prizes, including, of course, cash.

"They pay out anywhere from $200 to $500. Sometimes even more -- just for bingo," Grijalva said.

The next two Lunar Bingo nights are July 17 and July 31. The buy-in is $5 a pack. The fun starts at midnight, but you'll want to get there early because Lunar Bingo is super popular and it's always packed.

In addition to the Lunar Bingo, Fort McDowell Casino also has other things going on, including Countdown to Cash and several upcoming concerts.

Even if you do get there early for Lunar Bingo, you won't go hungry at Fort McDowell Casino because there are all kind of dining options.

"It just depends on what you like and what you're in the mood for," Grijalva said.

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