Bride says she paid hundreds for a wedding dress that didn't arrive

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A Valley woman says she paid for a wedding dress, but then the dress never arrived.

"The dress was supposed to only take eight weeks to get here," Lacey Richmire said. "It means the world to me."

Richmire is getting married and she recently found the perfect dress at a Valley bridal store.

"When I put it on, it was me," she said. "It was the occasion. It was beautiful. It was the dress of my heart."

But Richmire said the dress was too expensive. So, she said she went online to see if she could find the same dress somewhere else with a smaller price tag.

"I found a website, a couple of websites actually, that offered the dress at 75 percent off the price," she said.

One of those websites was and they had the same exact dress for only $377.

"I was almost in tears because I was so excited I was going to be getting my dream dress," Richmire said.

She paid the $377 and received an e-mail confirmation from saying the dress would arrive in six to eight weeks. Eight weeks went by and Richmire still didn't have her dress, so she e-mailed

"When I contacted them at the end of April they said give us a couple more weeks and I said 'OK, no big deal,'" Richmire said.

Unfortunately, weeks quickly turned into months, four months to be exact, and Richmire still didn’t have her dress.

When Richmire logged on to for answers, she said her heart sank.

"It wouldn't show you any dresses, you couldn't purchase anything," she said. "It was just very, very odd and that's when I thought, oh my goodness, something is seriously wrong."

With her wedding day marching closer, Richmire contacted 3 On Your Side. We sent numerous e-mails to and after we did, the company immediately looked into the matter and shipped Richmire her dress, a dress that Richmire says she doesn’t think she would have ever gotten without help of 3 On Your Side.

"I think you guys are awesome without you I wouldn't be wearing my wedding dress on my wedding day, my dream dress," she said. "You guys stepped in, everybody was great, and I am just so thankful for you guys." told 3 On Your Side that they went through some company changes and are trying to catch up on many of their back orders. As for Richmire, she says they shipped the wrong size, but she plans to alter it to make sure she is wearing that dress on her wedding day. In the meantime, if you order anything off the internet remember to always use a credit card.