Beware: ATM skimmers striking at Scottsdale banks

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The Scottsdale Police Department is cautioning ATM customers after two ATM skimmers were recovered this week.

The skimmers were located on ATM machines at Bank of America branches near 70th Street and Shea Boulevard and Lincoln Drive and Scottsdale Road.

An ATM skimmer is a device that is attached to the card slot of an ATM or gas pump that criminals use to capture data from the magnetic strip on the back of a credit/debit card.

The devices used are often smaller than a deck of cards and are fastened over an ATM's factory-installed card reader. The devices are often very difficult to detect without close inspection of the machine.

Police are urging customers to take precautions when using an ATM.

The best protection against credit card fraud is to regularly monitor your account activity for unauthorized activity.

When using any ATM, inspect the front for unusual or non-standard appearance. Scratches, marks, adhesive or tape residues could be indicators of tampering. Pay particular attention to all of the touch and action points such as the keypad and card entry slot.

The devices may appear like part of the machine, but close inspection may reveal subtle differences in texture or color.

If you think the ATM has a device attached to it, do not touch it and immediately report your concerns to the bank.