Zac Efron - Charlie St. Cloud

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PHOENIX -- Zac Efron, who made a name for himself with Disney's "High School Musical" movies and the musical "Hairspray," stopped by the 3TV studios Thursday to chat with Tara Hitchcock about his new film, "Charlie St. Cloud."

There's no singing and no dancing in this one. It's about a young man shattered by the death of his little brother, and his determination to keep a promise he made.

It's a departure from much of the work that's made Efron a star, dubbed by "Rolling Stone" in August 2007 as the "poster boy for tweenyboppers." (Efron was on the cover of that issue.)

This project gave Efron the chance to explore a range of emotions and show his romantic side.

"Charlie St. Cloud" opens on July 30.

By the way, Efron was a hit at 3TV. Everybody loved him, saying how nice and genuine he is.