96-Year-old woman says she is stuck with huge ambulance bill she shouldn't have to pay

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A 96-year-old woman says she is stuck with an ambulance bill that she shouldn't have to pay. The ambulance bill was for more than $700, but this woman never took the ambulance ride. So, why does she have to pay?

Margaret Willis is 96 years old, but you would never know it.

"I like the responsibility of taking care of myself and I am very independent," she said.

Margaret says it’s her daily walks that keep her going.

"I walk because of my health. I think it gives me strong bones and a strong mind."

However, Margaret says during one of routine walks, her strong bones were put to the test when she slipped and fell face first into the sidewalk. "I had no pain, I was just shocked, this was quite a shock to me because it was a loud bump."

Margaret says the loud bump was her face hitting the pavement. Although she wasn't bleeding and didn't have serious injuries, she says she was having a hard time picking herself up, which caused a bystander to call 9-1-1. "Well, there I was, I was not in pain, but I could not get up, I couldn't get myself up."

Moments later, Margaret says the Mesa Fire Department, along with Southwest Ambulance, arrived. She says they asked her a few questions, helped her to her feet, and then walked her home. "I stood up and the three of us walked, the two men on each side of me, they held me gently and took me to my apartment. I opened my door and thanked them and they left."

Margaret she says she didn't need treatment and didn't have to or want to go to the hospital. Yet a few weeks later Margaret says she received this bill from Southwest Ambulance for more than $700. The bill showed a 14 cent charge for gauze sponges, a 70 cent charge for gloves, a $3.85 charge for sodium disinfectant, and a whopping $710.57 no transport fee. However, Margaret insists she should not have to pay the no transport fee. "There were no services, nothing, no bandages, no gloves, nothing."

Margaret says she then started receiving calls and bills from a collection agency, and that is when she decided it was time to contacted 3 On Your Side. "It makes me sick, it makes me sick."

3 On Your Side contacted Southwest Ambulance, which said there was some wound care given but that there was a coding error, and because of that, Southwest Ambulance waived the entire bill for Margaret. "I can sleep now, and I feel more free now, and to know it is all over with before I die; I will be 97 years old in March."


Thank you to Southwest Ambulance for looking into the matter and resolving it for 3 On Your Side.