Arizona City woman blames contractor for ruining her home

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ARIZONA CITY, Ariz. - For Kathleen Brown, getting around her Arizona City home is a task in itself.

“Because I have permanent, permanent loss of use of extremities because of the Lupus,” she said.

Kathleen was diagnosed with lupus while serving as a nurse during Desert Storm.

Since then, her disease has worsened to the point that she says day-to-day living has become a battle.

“I couldn't even get my walker on the side of my bed to even get into my bed,” she said.

To make her home handicapped accessible, Kathleen hired a company called Ashmor LLC to widen her doors, retro-fit her kitchen and bathroom and add eight feet onto her home.
The work was paid for through a $75,000 home remodel grant from the V.A., money Kathleen now believes went to waste.
“I had to fight with them to finish the house,” she said.
Two years after construction began, Kathleen says her home is literally falling apart at the seams.
She says wall panels are falling off, her roof is cracked in half, her laminate floors are buckling and there's a gaping hole in her backyard which she says is causing her home to sink.
Kathleen's biggest fear is that the hole could one day get so bad, her home won't be safe enough to live in.
“It’s just me, so I'm the only one that can look out for the roof over my head,” she said, holding back the tears.
Kathleen says she tried to get Ashmor to fix the problems, but they'd gone out of business, so she filed a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.
“The Registrar of Contractors said the contractor was at fault for everything within this house,” Kathleen said.
A judge ruled owner David Menke's license be revoked.
3 On Your Side tried to catch up with Menke at a Casa Grande home, but no one came to the door.
3 On Your Side left a business card, tried calling him and even went to his attorney's office in Phoenix but so far, haven't heard from anyone.
State records show Menke is appealing the court's recommendation to revoke his contractor's license, but until that gets settled, Kathleen Brown says she's stuck in the middle.
“Sometime I sit and cry because it upsets me that I have to live this way I don't have a choice,” she said.