Raw Vegetable Antipasto

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Zuchini & tomato:
Zucchini  2 ea
Ripe tomato 1ea
Basil leaves, ¼ c
Garlic 1 clove
Red wine vinegar 1T
Extra Virgin Olive Oil  2T
Salt & Pepper

Grate zucchini on coarse side of box grater.
Cut tomato in half and grate pulp out on box grater
Grate garlic on fine side of box grater.
Rough chop basil
Toss all together  with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Additions: hot peppers, nuts, olives, cheese.

Fennel 1 head
Raisins 2 T
Yulu seeds or pinenuts 2ea
Orange or Lemon juices. 1ea
Parmigiano cheese. 2T
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Salt & Pepper
Slice fennel bulb as thin as possible (a mandoline is perfect for this.)
Toss well
Additions: orange segments, lemon segments

2 ea cucumbers
1t sugar
1T red wine vinegar
2T Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
1T dill or mint leaves.
Salt & Pepper
Additions: goat cheese

2 ears corn
10 basil leaves
¼ c diced tomato
lemon  1ea
Salt & Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Additions: hot peppers, Parmigiano