AIMS scholarships possbily going away; TUSD ethnic studies; China trip for Tucson students;

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A popular scholarship program for high achievers could be going away.

The Arizona board of regents is considering ending the aims scholarships. The aims pays tuition and fees at the state's three public universities, for students who score high on standardized aims tests.

Regents members say the aims scholarship costs too much and they want discretion to use the money for need-based scholarships.


It's summer time, but TUSD's curriculum is under fire.

The 12th Annual Institute for Transformative Education began it's annual meetings today with a news conference to address House Bill 2281 which prohibits ethnic studies from being taught in the class room.

TUSD says they will continue to teach the programs in the school because of how vital they are.  Supporters of the bill say ethnic studies need to include everyone.

"We build bridges of cultural understanding, we highlight Mexican-American contributions to this country, and that's very important for all students to know," says Martin Sean Arce of the Institute for Transformative Education.

"I do think that if your gonna teach cultural things that you need to teach everyone's culture, be fair to everybody."


A crash course on China on the way for a group of Tucson High School students.

Sixteen teens are headed for a two-week summer camp in Eastern Henan Province, designed to immerse them in the Chinese language, culture, and martial arts.

The adventure also includes stops in shanghai for the world expo, and Beijing.

"We are going to go to the Shao Lin temple too and learning about China, learning Mandarin there get to know it. It's going to be pretty awesome," says High School Junior Jarrod Rulney.

About a thousand teens and teachers from across the U.S. will take part in the camp.