Scottsdale asking judge for alternative measure to serve alleged speeders, red-light runners

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The city of Scottsdale is looking at giving process servers some additional power when it comes to serving residents with red-light-running or speeding tickets.

In a move designed to crack down on people who ignore those tickets, the city is asking a judge for permission to run an alternative measure to serve alleged offenders.

Right now a process server has to make actual physical contact with a person in order to serve him or her with a summons.

If the judge approves the city's request, process servers who have made three attempts to serve a summons will be allowed to leave a court date at the driver's home address without any signatures. The alleged offender would be required to appear in court on that date and proceedings would then move forward from there.

Missing that court date would result in a suspended driver license.

Attorneys Christopher Corso and John Rhude of the Peoria law firm Corso & Rhude are challenging Scottsdale's proposed serving process, saying "it will set a dangerous precedent."