U of A monsoon study

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It happens every year and it gives Arizonans a break from the heat, Arizona's famous monsoon.

Chris Castro has been working at the U of A for the last four years. His goal, to better forecast our yearly monsoons, and there's been some advances, "For weather forecasting and for seasonal climate forecast is the use of high resolution regional atmospheric models."

The scientists are also using data from monsoon's in the past to help them, "last year it actually started out kind of wet early and then it got really dry and hot later in July and August."

This year the monsoon is running behind schedule, "By the old dew point definition we use hear in Tucson its about a week late we typically get out monsoon storm starting around the third or fourth of July."

So with the big storms expected to hit late. Should we expect heavy rain and major flooding?  "The precipitation is below normal. We don't really know this year whether that's going to be true or not."

One thing is clear the monsoon does serve a purpose.

"It is important for water demand in Arizona. Its also important from the prospective of agriculture especially in the southeast part of the state."

So, whether its a big storm or just a sprinkle, break out the raincoats and boots, because the monsoon is coming.