Creating your own home spa

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In my ongoing quest to keep beauty and life on a budget, I decided to try a few home spa products to see which ones I could do myself at home for less.  From masks to milk shorts that smooth cellulite, read on to see how this home spa stuff works.  And keep in mind, I am a huge fan of going to the spa, the hair salon and the nail tech, but with my husband constantly reminding me that the budget is tight, I decided to try before you buy and I found some keepers. 

Spa Service:  Brazilian Blowout
Try At Home:  Profound Beauty Hush Time Out Treatment
My gal pal Julie considered the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment, but was forced to put the brakes on when she was told that the cost was $350!  Most of us can't afford that, which is unfortunate because another friend loves the blowout and says her smooth, and now frizz-less hair, lasts for months. 

So Julie took matters into her own hands and tried an anti-frizz product called Profound Beauty Hush.  She really put it to the test during her three day trip to humid San Diego.  Although the 2 oz. tube set her back $30, she calls the potion magical.  And she reports that a tiny or "precious" amount, as the bottle instructs, was more than enough.  Just put a small dab through the hair immediately after towel-drying and style as usual.  Julie has tried numerous products to tame what she calls her poodle do!  She says that Profound Beauty has worked wonders compared to all the others.  $30 compared to the $350 Brazilian Blowout is a big savings, although the blowout should last four to six months.  However, since a tiny amount of the Profound Beauty cream goes a long way, the tube ends up saving your hair and your bank account.  Try your tube at

Can't Afford: Botox & Restylane
Try At Home:  Face Lift WrinkleFree Eye Patch System
With peptides, fillers and Vitamin C, the Face Lift Wrinkle Free Eye Patch System touts itself as a safe, home alternative to Botox, so I gave it a try.  Complete with two eye masks and a youth serum cream, the box sells for $30.  The company says that the treatment will reduce excess fluids and diminish dark circles.  Users should apply the serum directly to the delicate skin under the eye area morning and night.  Next spend one hour a week wearing the eye patch that claims to safely relax wrinkles while the fillers and Vitamin C penetrate deep into the skin.  I liked the serum, but found the one-size-fits-all mask too big for my face making it cumbersome to wear for the full hour.  I did like the blinking power light that indicates that the treatment is being delivered.  Perhaps you will have better luck fitting it to your face.  If you want to try it for yourself, the kits are sold in drug stores.

Can't Afford:  Spa Firming Facials
Try At Home:  Olay Pro X Intensive Firming Treatment Masks
Complete with five facial masks and a bottle of skin tightening serum, this product felt and looked like a spa treatment.  Although my kids were bit freaked out by the white mask that I wore for 10 minutes, it felt cooling and soothing on my face.  I have very delicate skin with occasional Eczema breakouts, so I was happy to find that neither the mask or the serum irritated my skin. Another benefit with this mask is that it is made to also cover the delicate neck area, so both your face and your neck receive treatment.  Apply the serum in the morning and the masks nightly for 10 minutes five days in a row to get optimal results.  The Olay Pro X Intensive Firming Treatment Mask kit sells for around $60 at drug stores.

Can't Afford:  Spa Cellulite Treatments
Try At Home:  Farma Cell Milk Shorts
I subscribe to an interesting online beauty newsletter that often gives me credible, if not simply fascinating, beauty news.  So, when wrote about shorts made with milk that you sleep in to smooth cellulite, I was intrigued.  As I searched the internet for more information about these white and tight hip huggers, I was surprised to find numerous good reviews.  The company's website say that the shorts contain milk yarn, which is made from milk proteins that contain amino acids that nourish and smooth skin.  My experience has been that cellulite is something that strikes most women and I have yet to find a magic potion that will polish it all away.  I will say that I ordered the $69 milk shorts from and after one week of wearing them as pajama pants all night, my thighs did look less dimpled.  However, I should also point out that I have upped my exercise and healthy eating habits.  Comfortable, but a little warm for nighttime wear in Phoenix, I am intrigued by my milk shorts and will continue to wear them to bed!

Can't Afford:  Regular Manicures
Try At Home:  Healthy Hoof, Applause Hand Buffer, Nailtiques, Sally Hansen Quick Care Clean-Up
Over the last ten years I have gone from no nails to twice monthly nail fills to monthly gel nails and then back to my real nails.  As a manicure lover, it has been hard to cut this from my monthly budget, but I have with some help from a few useful nail products.  If I am trying to treat my hands to a thorough home manicure, then I start with the Applause Hand Buffer to cleanse and soften.  Made with seaweed and other anti-aging ingredients I massage my hands with the sponge that gives consumers about 20 uses.  Next I rub Healthy Hoof Intensive Protein Treatment all over my nails and cuticles.  Horse trainers use these same formula on horse hooves and the cream has a nice scent and feel.  A good nail protein that I have seen several professional nail techs use is called Nailtiques and the product has helped my nails to not chip and peel as much.  Once I move on to polishing, I make sure that I have my favorite nail tool on hand made by Sally Hansen.  The Quick Care Clean-Up for Manicures is a nail polish remover pen with a chisel tip that makes it easy to quickly erase excess nail polish that ends up on my cuticles.  I found all of these products at local drug stores. 

So who says you can't have a spa day on a budget?  Just grab some spa stuff and turn your home into an oasis for an afternoon.  Because working hard each day to keep our beauty and life on a budget deserves a little self pampering!