Napolitano meets with Brewer; Second federal 1070 lawsuit possible

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary, and former Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano, met privately with Governor Jan Brewer Sunday in Boston.

The two met behind closed doors during the National Governors Association meeting. Brewer talked to Napolitano about efforts to get more National Guard troops on our border, as well as aerial support.


As for SB 1070, 18-days before it's scheduled start date, U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder-- Sunday-- considered the possibility of another federal lawsuit over the immigration law, on the grounds of racial profiling.

Top administration officials are defending the federal lawsuit filed last week against Arizona's immigration law, and are not ruling out a second lawsuit, if there's evidence of racial profiling in the future.

Arizona's law allows police to question someone's immigration status during the enforcement of other laws. The government challenge last week argued that the state is pre-empting federal authority to determine immigration policy.

But if the law takes effect as scheduled July 29th, the Attorney General says he'll be watching to see what the fallout is.