Outdoor business owners unahppy about start of monsoon

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Lots of people anxiously await the downpours, but not business owners who operate outdoors. They have to prepare for the start of a slow sales month.

Luis Ferrer has worked this food stand on Country Club Road and 22nd Street for the past 10 years, and every year, he dreads the monsoon season, "Hot and humid weather."

Dogs sizzling on the grill, an ice cold beverage, both sound like a treat. But when you're the one grilling those dogs, working underneath a storm brewing sky, it's another story.

"You can feel it in your body and when its humid its uncomfortable to work," It's uncomfortable for Luis's customers too. He says he makes about half as much money in July, compared to other months throughout the year.

"People don't want to be sweaty and so people like to be in a closed place with AC," says Luis.

The storms also stir up trouble for local landscapers.  "Sometimes we have to stop around 1 or 2 because of the weather," says Esteban Hernandez.  Which means less customers, and sometimes less money.

But for anyone who doesn't work outside, the clouds in the sky actually brighten up their day.

"I absolutely love to see the rain I love the thunder and the lightning, just the wildness of it all."

"It's just dripping its like come on lets go!"  She'll get her wish, forecasters predict monsoon storms for the rest of next week.

As for Luis, "The best season is between winter and summer."

He can't wait for summer to end.