Tucson golfer struck by lightning

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A local golfer was struck by lightning Saturday afternoon. It's just another reminder of how dangerous the monsoon season can be.

"Yeah he looked unconscious is right. I'm not a doctor but he was lying down and he you could tell he had some trauma from something." says Tom Tatum from Fred Enke Golf Course.

That something was a lighting strike. A 40-year-old man was struck while hitting balls on the driving range at Fred Enke Golf Course.

"He was transported with life threatening injuries so we don't know is condition at this point," says Tucson Police Officer Trish Tracy.

He wasn't the only that was hurt out there.  "We also had another gentleman who was standing about 50 feet away from that person who said that he was shocked," continues Officer Tracy.

Tom Tatum is the golf pro at the course. He's seen many things, but nothing like this, "I mean it is uh very shocking you know, I played, I had a gentleman I played college golf with and said we've played in weather a thousand times worse than this its like there's not anything happening."

And its days like this when golfers can get into trouble with the weather.  "If you see the lightning and you count 5 seconds, that means its only 1 mile away. But also if you're out golfing or your out doing something and you notice that it looks like its lightning or you hear any thunder at all it safest to seek shelter," says Officer Tracy.

Andres Martinez hits the driving range at least 3 times a week and has played in the rain before. But after hearing the news, he's having second thoughts about doing that again, "It was actually pretty surprised I mean you don't hear to much about that around here. Never really thought about it but you know, obviously i will think a lot more about it after this you know."

The golf course did stay open, but players were advised to play at their own risk. The man that was struck by lighting is still in the hospital.