Lawsuit filed against SB 1070 police training materials

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PHOENIX - Another lawsuit has been filed surrounding SB 1070, but this time it is not against the legislation, but rather the training materials law enforcement will use to enforce the new law.

This marks the seventh lawsuit challenging SB 1070, but this time the suit doesn't challenge the legislation.

The League of United Latin American Citizens filed the lawsuit in court on Friday.

The group says the vague guideline laid out in the training materials will lead to racial profiling.

“I think the training lacks in coherency and it invites a conflicts with federal laws,” Peter Schey said.

Schey of Los Angeles is the lead attorney on the case. He said the group is worried the training will lead to racial profiling.

The lawsuit states the "training materials fail to provide much clarity on when or how an officer should form a reasonable suspicion."

It goes on to say the training will permit law enforcement officers to rely upon "vague and ill-defined factors" such as a person’s "dress, difficulty communicating English, and demeanor..."

“These are the kind of factors that have nothing to do with whether or not a person is in fact deportable from the United States,” Schey said.

Former Phoenix police Sgt. Andy Hill said the officers are being trained to seriously weigh all of the evidence to decide if someone might be here illegally.

“That's what an officer is required to do and not only that but document it,” Hill said. “And then if they need to, they have to testify in court under oath. When you put those things together, it puts the oneness on the police officer to make sure they do the job right.”

LULAC is the largest and oldest Hispanic organization in the country.