Who Knew?

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Ok, so here’s the deal.

I love coming up with ideas for my segments and then starting the research.  And, it seems most of the time I come up with much more than there is time to present.  Plus, often while researching one topic I’ll happen upon some great tip or trick that I love but doesn’t really apply to the topic.

That’s how Who Knew! became its own segment.  It’s basically some of the tips and tricks that I learn along the way that don’t have a home except in my brain.  When the brain fills up – voila – time for a Who Knew? segment.

These are usually quick and easy little things that I won’t repeat here.  But here are a couple of the things you may want a little extra time in jotting down.

Vinegar cleaner for the recycling bags
1 part vinegar
3-4 parts cool tap water

Simply mix together and place in a spray bottle for easy cleaning.

Spice math
Many of us are cooking larger batches of meals and freezing them. But usually don’t increase the seasonings proportionately. 

Here’s a simple conversion for seasonings.

When doubling the recipe, increase the seasonings by only one and a half.  If you are tripling the recipe, double the amount of seasoning.

There’s nothing worse than all that work, and it tasting a little off.

Aside from that, Who Knew? is better watched than written about.  So, enjoy.  Time to start filling up the brain again!

Live and Learn.