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Chef Jeff Smedstad, Elote Café
The Elote Cafe in the Ransom Hotel is located at 771 HWY 179 in Sedona. For reservations and to purchase The Elote Café Cookbook call 1-928-203-0105 or visit
>>View Chef Jeff’s recipe for Salmon con Salsa Poblana.

Advanced Skin and Laser
Dysport is a purified protein that blocks muscle contraction and causes a relaxation and softening of wrinkles between the brows. Results are noticed in as little as 24 hours & last 3-4 months. A typical injection takes 20-30 minutes. A client receiving Dysport will need more units than other botulinum type A products, but it is considerably less per unit. New patients pay $3.99/unit which equates to $20-30 less per treatment plus more savings with our current specials. Restylane-L & Perlane-L are hyaluronic acid facial fillers that have Lidocaine in them for added comfort during the injection  The product fills in lines around the mouth.  Results are noticed immediately & last 6 months to 1 year. The appointment takes 30-45 minutes. New clients receive $50 off day of treatment plus $75 rebate from Medicis. New clients  receive $50 off day of treatment plus $75 rebate from Medicis.  For more information visit  or call 480- 844-SKIN.

Live and Learn with Linda
>>View Linda's article Who Knew.

Debbie Moak, –  Eating Disorders
For more information on eating disorders presented by Debbie Moak visit

Sundrops Nail Spot - Shellac
For more information about Sundrops Nail Spot call 602-956-0822 or visit

Dr. Theresa Ramsey, N.M.D., The Center for Natural Healing - Superfoods
For more information call 480-970-0077 or visit
>>View Dr. Ramsey's recipe for Spinach Watermelon Cooler.

Floral arrangements by God’s Garden Treasures
For more information visit or call 480-603-7673.