TPD demonstrates crime data site

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First it was twitter, now the Tucson Police Department will use another interactive on-line tool.  This one will give citizens a inside look at crime stats within their own neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Thursday TPD revealed their partnership with crimereports.

The Internet is nothing new, but Thursday, the wave of the future was on display at police headquarters.

"The Tucson community is excited to announce to the community the acquisition of a new software program that's going to bring us light years ahead when communicating with the citizens of Tucson," says Michael Gillooly. will partner up with TPD's website allowing citizens to interactively look at any activity that is occurring in their neighborhood

"It has the ability to even provide alerts to our citizens about certain particular crimes in their neighborhood that they have an interest in," says Gillooly.

Bright and early around 4 A.M., Tucson police will download all their data from the night before on to the web, locals can search within the last few days, weeks or months for burglaries.

Gillooly demonstrates the site pulling crime data, "Those are the burglaries all in the 14 days in the City of Tucson."

Car thefts, sexual assaults, homicides

"We've had 3 homicides in the City of Tucson in the last 14 days."

In order to protect the victims, the website will list the block rather than the house number where crimes happen.

The names of victims and suspects will stay confidential.

But the ability to get to know and keep tabs on your neighborhood, surrounding areas, and even the whole city, will be at your finger tips.

"We think this is very important because it will arm our citizens that knowledge they can use to protect themselves and have a sense of whats occurring in their neighborhood," says Gillooly.

Even though this is something new for Tucson police, Pima County sheriff's have been utilizing crime reports on their website since September of last year.