Are you Pazzlie's family?

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Summertime means a break from school. It means vacations and fun times spent with family. But what if you didn't have a family? In this month's "Are You My Family?," we introduce you to Pazzlie.

This cute 12-year-old spends her summer dreaming about a home, a family and pets. She'd love to have a dog or other pets, especially since she hopes to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

"Pazzlie is adorable. She's very personable and does great in school," said Christina Booth, Pazzlie's adoption recruiter. "Ideally, I'm looking for a family for her that has some experience with attachment issues, that will just stick it out with her and be her forever family."

Right now, Pazzlie lives in a group home. She says she'd love to be a big sister or only child. Booth agrees.

"I think she'll do great with a family that can give her a lot of attention," she said. "She craves a lot of attention. She just wants to be that princess in a family."

Pazzlie says she dreams about the day she'll finally be "home."

"Then I'll know that I'm not just going to be out there with no one to support me, and I'm going to actually have someone there that loves me," she said

Pazzlie is one of an estimated 10,000 children in Arizona's foster care system. For more information on Pazzlie, and other children looking for homes, visit