Valley company steps up to help local woman who received damaged appliances

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3 On Your Side has an update on an East Valley woman who ordered a washer and dryer from an Internet company but couldn't believe what was actually delivered. The washer and dryer looked like they had fallen from a third-story building. The washer was a mangled mess with dents all over.

The company, Rainbow Appliance out of New Jersey, would not work with 3 On Your Side to resolve the matter and demanded that we pull our news report from our website. But now, another company stepped up and there is a great follow-up.

It's hard to forget Amy Webster. In a 3 On Your Side report that aired last month, she showed us her damaged washer and dryer that was delivered from Rainbow Appliance.

"Unfortunately, when it came it was a wreck," Webster said. "It looked like it had fallen off the back of a truck."

Even after 3 On Your Side got involved, Webster says the company told her, "Tough!"

But my how things have changed for Webster. A company called Mesa TV and Appliance saw 3 On Your Side's news report and stepped up in a big way.

Richard Craig works for Mesa TV and Appliance, a company that decided to not only donate but also deliver and install a brand-new washer and dryer for Webster.

"They are an amazing company," Webster said. "For them to do this out of the kindness of their own hearts, they have no obligation to do this whatsoever."

But Craig says it was the right thing to do. Mesa TV and Appliance is family-owned and has been around for years helping it to earn an "A" plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. "The Internet can be a shady place and we wanted to let everyone know to buy from your hometown people because we will support you," Craig said.

Within a matter of minutes the new appliances were installed and this expectant mother was finally ready and able to do laundry, all because Mesa TV and Appliance stepped up when another company wouldn't.

"It feels great," Craig said. "I’m just glad they have a washer and dryer and they can do laundry and now they don't have to drive 40 minutes away to do their laundry. It's a good feeling."

And while Webster says she's thankful to Mesa TV and Appliance, she is also thankful to 3 On Your Side.

Mesa TV and Appliance deserve a big thank you for stepping up in a big way and doing what they did.