When monsoon arrives Tucson motorists need to be ready

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You can feel it in the air that the monsoon is close. But you need to be careful when you're driving in that first big rain shower.

Tucson isn't known for it's smooth traffic, so when the monsoon comes, it can really get bad out there.

"You cant drive sometimes because its too windy and raining too hard," says resident Armondo Sanndobil.

"If I can avoid it and I'm pretty sure the rain is coming I just stay home," says Mary Langlois.

The rain alone doesn't put a damper on most people's days, it's what the rain does to the roads that does.

When the water hits it its going to be slick.

Water and oil don't mix, and when the rain finally does come...

"Everything on a highway is a petroleum product, in the heat the oils rise to the top, when the rain comes, it mixes and becomes exceedingly slippery," says Katy Heiden.

"When water hits it you get this super slick surface."

Northwest Fire is advising all drivers to be careful once the storm clouds start dumping rain, if you can, pull over and wait it out.

Slow down, be aware of traffic around you and put enough space between you and the car in front.

After living in Tucson for almost 20 years these two motorists know how muggy it can get.  "People not expect hard rains and sometimes people see the small rains and not really think it's gonna be bad, but it gets pretty bad," says Armando.  "Oh yes, I've been caught out in it usually I'll look for a parking lot and I'll go and park and wait it out," says Mary.

It may be dry now, but soon it wont be.