3TV viewer brings Chandler family's missing dog home

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX -- A Chandler woman and her little Pomeranian arrived home Saturday evening, thanks to a generosity of a 3TV viewer.

When the little dog, named Sophie, vanished more than eight months ago, the Reyes family was heart-broken.

They were shocked and thrilled when they received a call last week from an animal shelter in Oregon. The shelter had Sophie.

Shannon Reyes had had Sophie implanted with a microchip. She said that's how the Oregon shelter was able to contact her.

A 3TV viewer used frequent -flier miles to buy Reyes a ticket to Oregon to go pick up Sophie.

Chandler family's missing dog turns up in Oregon

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- A family's dog that went missing more than eight months ago has turned up alive and well nearly 1,300 miles from home. 

The Reyes family was devastated last November when Sophie, their Pomeranian puppy, went missing.  After months of searching, the family had all but given up...until today.

On Wednesday, Shannon Reyes received a call from an animal shelter in Hillsboro, Oregon informing her that Sophie was alive and well. 

Sophie was dropped off at the Bonnie L. Hayes Small Animal Shelter by a man who said he found her just two days ago.  It's unclear how the dog made it all the way to Oregon, but the man who dropped her off was carrying an Arizona drivers license and provided the shelter with a Phoenix-area phone number.

The shelter was able to locate the Reyes family thanks to a microchip implant that Sophie received when she was a puppy.  Shannon Reyes said, "we would never have seen her again had we not had the chip in her."

Now the family is struggling to find a way to get Sophie back home.  Airfare to pick up the dog is upwards of $500 and the drive to Oregon is 21-hours each way.  This is a financial challenge for the family since Lee Reyes recently lost his job. 

Since first airing this story Wednesday night, the 3TV newsroom has been flooded with calls from people wanting to help reunite Sophie with the Reyes family.  We're helping coordinate generous donations from our viewers that will soon allow the family to pick up Sophie.  Stay tuned for updates on their reunion.