Pet of the Day - Kai

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Control #: 669681
9 Years Old, Australian Shepherd, Neutered Male

Kai means “ocean” in Hawaiian, “willow tree” in Navajo, “love” in Yoruba, “keeper of the earth” in German, “dog” in Cornish, and “strong” in
Burmese.  But whatever you think his name might imply, Kai defines himself as an all-around amazing companion.  This beautiful boy was
relinquished to the HSSA back in November when his family moved away.  At the time, poor Kai was severely obese, weighing in at over 110 pounds!  With the help of a loving foster family who provided plenty of tough love, exercise, and measured meals, Kai lost almost 50 pounds!  And just in time for swimsuit season!  Now much healthier and able to get the most out of life, Kai hopes to find a family who will continue his progress by managing his diet and taking him for daily walks.  This wonderful boy is well worth the effort and should fit easily into just about any home.  Good with dogs, kids, and even cats, Kai is quite the gentleman.  Could you commit to giving Kai the love and care he deserves during his Golden Years?  You’ll be amply rewarded with these big beautiful blue and brown eyes staring up at you everyday full of love and devotion.