Tucson pet owners concern rises as post fireworks days mount

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The fireworks we all enjoyed on Sunday evening were bright and loud. But loud can be a problem for many pets-- many were spooked and took off.

And that prompted many to hit the county's animal care shelter to see if they could find Fido.

It's been a rough 48 hours for Gina Durocher, "We've been looking for the last two days with no luck."

Gina found her dog Daisy as a stray when she was a puppy. Now, two years later, she's hoping to find her at the Pima animal care center, hoping they picked her up, "I'm just hoping to God they did."

Gina and other dog owners are scouring the kennels for their missing pets, and unfortunately this happens all too often in the days surrounding July 4th.

From Sunday to Monday, The Animal Care Center brought in nearly 100 dogs that were found on the streets, spooked by fireworks, loud parties and lack of supervision.  And this is only the beginning, "The influx is not going to stop."


"There has already been an influx of strays by the back door more than normal this morning."

Today Gina's luck wasn't there, "This is sad to me I just wanna find her and take her home."

And realizing she wouldn't be finding daisy and taking her home today, was just too much to bear.

Pima Animal Care Center staffers recommend owners of lost pets also check with the Humane Society as well as the newspaper and craigslist.  And if you don't find your dog right away, keep checking back because they receive new dogs every day.