Man has trouble getting refund after he says car lot sold him bad car

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PHOENIX -- David Messina says without a car he is pretty much stuck and says sharing a car with his family has become very difficult.

"We only have one vehicle, and I am having to rely on that one vehicle to get me back and forth to work," he said. "It's really hard."

So Messina searched Craigslist for an affordable car. It wasn't long before he came across a car he liked, which had been posted by a local car lot called Auto Financing Network.

"It was a Nissan that I liked but they had sold it already, but then they told me that they had this Ford Taurus there for the same amount," he said.

So, Messina and his grandparents went down to Auto Financing Network to check out the 1997 Ford Taurus.

"I went up there and looked at it," Messina said. "It was in good shape, everything test drove, the check engine light didn't come on."

The car seemed to be in good condition and it was for sale for only $1,083. So, Messina bought the car with cash that same day. But not long after having the car, he said the car started to experience problems.

"The check engine light was on, it was slipping real bad in first gear, it would red line and then it would hit really hard into second gear," Messina said.

Messina went back to Auto Financing Network to have them fix it, but he was told there was no warranty and so it wouldn't be fixed.

"In the contract it says they have 15 days or 5,000 miles, I think it is, to fix it," Messina said. "They never fixed it."

Messina says a manager finally agreed to take the car back, which he says was made official when the manager gave him a hand-written note approving the return. However, Messina says that after that he had a hard time getting his money back.

"I've called them repeatedly, my mom has called them, I have tried going up there," he said.

Thinking he may never get his money back, Messina and his family contacted 3 On Your Side. Auto Financing Network told 3 On Your Side that they were not obligated to take the vehicle back even though they did. They also say they had 30 days to return his money and that they were still well within that time frame.

Regardless, after talking with Auto Financing Network, they immediately wrote Messina a check for the full amount, and returned the money to him.

Messina says he can now put that money toward another car somewhere else.

"I am ecstatic, that's all I can say," Messina told 3 On Your Side. "I am glad I don't have to deal with them anymore."