Briggs Family Dentistry leading the way in sedation and dentistry

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Do you dread going to the dentist? Has that apprehension caused you to put off making an appointment?Don't let fear keep you from caring for your teeth!

Dr. Bradley Briggs of Briggs Family Dentistry and Dr. Kelly McQueen of Valley Anesthesia say there are ways to take the dread out of your visits to the dentist's office.

"We are starting to work with Valley Anesthesia to provide sedation for patients," Briggs explained.

Why? The reason is simple, really.

"Not everybody loves having dental work done," Briggs said.

Despite the many ways Briggs Family Dentistry has made dental work more comfortable for their patients, the fear is still there for many. There are also people who are medically compromised, where the stress of having dental work done is not good for them.

"Having an anesthesiologist in is making it safer and more comfortable for patients," Briggs said.

While it’s been done in hospitals and outpatient clinics for years, the use of anesthesia in an office setting is relatively new.

"Office-based anesthesia and office-based surgery is becoming a lot more common," McQueen said. "This year, about 20 percent of our practice will be in the office setting."

"We try to provide the different levels [of sedation], whatever is most appropriate for the patient," Briggs said.

In addition to certifications from the Arizona State Board of Medicine and the Arizona State Board of Dentistry, Valley Anesthesia is currently the only practice in Arizona with an accreditation from the American Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

Briggs says sedation is available for short appointments as well as ones that might last several hours.

"I can be used for very simple procedures," he said. "It doesn't have to be for long, long major procedures."

McQueen said the sedation is also helpful for the dentist, allowing him to focus on his work rather than trying to calm a nervous patient.

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