Tucson summer blood donation

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During the Fourth of July weekend, many Tucsonans like to spend their time off time outside on their pool chairs. Others like to sit back, but give back to the community while they comfortably recline.

"I had the time and didnt have anything to do today, it was a handy thing to do today," says John Sweeney.

Sweeney stopped by the American Red Cross, one of the few businesses open today to give back.

"It's kind of a way to help out the community, encourage people to give blood so it's available," says John Sweeney.

There's always a need for blood, that need never stops, and when the temperatures go up, their supply drops.

"During the summer months we have an especially hard time getting blood because we have fewer donors in town," says Christina.

On this day, the Red Cross was hoping for 35 people to leave a little of them behind.

But the afternoon started out slow.

Proving the need for more donors this time of year.

"We need donors to continue to donate whenever they are eligible and that's every 56 days, unfortunately people think they can only donate once or twice a year but they can actually donate up to 6 times a year," says Christina.

John Sweeney knows that, he wears a pin on his shirt symbolizing the fact he's given 10 gallons of blood That's more than 80 trips to this donation chair, and he wont be stopping anytime soon, "I'll be donating as long as I can."