Domestic dispute leads to arson at Tucson mobile home

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A fight between a woman and her boyfriend, escalated into a serious crime early Monday morning.

43-year-old Debra Ford is charged with arson, aggravated assault, and criminal damage.

Deputies say after arguing with her boyfriend, Ford walked out the door, lit their mobile home on fire, then called the boyfriend to let him know. He tried to put it out, and fire fighters arrived to finish the job.

"Any domestic violence we suggest seperating the parties but the fact that she came back and light something on fire was obviously not the greatest decision ever," says Jason Ogan of the Pima County Sheriff's office.

The mobile home near Fort Lowel and Alvernon is destroyed. Red Cross is helping the man and his roommate.  When Ford was arrested, deputies say she had evidence of the crime on her.

And another overnight arson, this one on North Brown Way near where Wrightstown turns into Harrison Road. The fire, which started in two different places, damaged the outside of the home.