Bat those lashes, girls!

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The girlfriend’s guide to false eyelashes.
I’ve always been so intrigued by the idea of false eyelashes.  Probably because I have tiny eyes and not very lush lashes.  That combined with the fact that the time makeup artist Karen Hall put some false individual lashes on me, and I got a slew of compliments on my eyes – sealed the deal.

That led me to this segment – so I paid Karen another visit this time exclusively to learn the tips and tricks of false eyelashes.
The first thing Karen told me was that pretty much whenever you see a celebrity that’s made up – you can be that she has on falsies.  Same holds true for those mascara commercials (which bugs me to no end!)

Karen divided the lesson into basically two parts – full lashes and individual lashes. As you watch the segment, here are the basics to remember.

Full Lashes

Pick a pair that will add drama but suit your style.  Did you see some of those Karen had lent me? Crazy!  And black is your best bet.

Count on trimming them to fit your eye.  You can trim from either side but cut them so they will NOT go way into the corner of the eye – it will drive you crazy.

Apply all your other eye makeup first, and be sure to have applied at least one coat of mascara.

Use an unfolded paper clip to apply glue to the band of the lash.  Add a little extra on the corners of the lash.

Work with a mirror on a stand, magnifying if you need it.  You’ll want to apply them while looking down.

After trimming the lash, work it around a bit to make it more flexible.

Then, using tweezers, both hands, whatever works, place it as close to your natural lash line as you can get it.

Adjust them with your fingers, a toothpick or tweezers.

And one of the best pieces of advice she gave me is to practice – give it at least one run through before a big event if you’ve never worn them before.

Individual Lashes
These were my first experience with false lashes and Karen was the one who taught me the power of a couple of lashes.  And now I love them.  All you need to do is to hold each lash with tweezers, dip them into glue and place them on your lash line, sort of between your natural lashes.  Placing them at the outside corners of your lashes is perfect.  You also can fill in with one or two toward the inside corner of your eye if you are also doing a full lash.

Trust me on this – just a few individuals make a really sophisticated difference in your eye.

Now here’s the scoop on the products and sources that Karen loves:
Plus, of course the most important piece of info yet – how to get in touch with Karen Hall for an unbelievable makeup lesson.

Make-up Artist
Karen Hall
602-274-5165 for an appointment
or through

United Beauty Supply
5555 North 7th Street, Phoenix - (602) 277-1070

Karen loves the full lashes by Ardell – available at United and most drug stores. For some wild options look for the Red Cherry brand also at United. For individuals stick with those by Ardell DuraLash, medium or short length unless your natural lashes are extremely long – again, United or drug stores. She prefers Duo eyelash adhesive, in the clear.  It does contain latex, so watch if you have that allergy. A non-latex option is Lash Tite (United Beauty Supply.)

Full lashes can be a little tricky to master; the individuals are a piece of cake.  So have some fun and create a little drama.

Live and Learn.