Bicyclist killed in downtown Tucson

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A 47-year-old man died when his bicycle collided with a car in downtown Tucson early Monday morning.

Tucson police say Dennis McKinney lost control of his motorized bicycle near the intersetion of Toole Avenue and Congress Street on the east end of downtown and swerved into a vehicle traveling next to him.

Police say their initial investigation shows the bicyclist was at fault and the driver will not be cited.

Fox 11 News has done stories in the past on the danger of bicyclists in the area.  The roads were reconstructed in 2008 as the new 4th Avenue underpass was completed.  But no bike lanes were included in the new construction.  The design forces bicyclists who are westbound on Broadway or southbound on 4th Avenue to merge in with traffic if they plan to go west on Congress.