Tenants without a/c during severe summer heat in Phoenix

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – The Valley officially hit 114 degrees on Friday and some residents at one Phoenix apartment complex called 3TV because their air conditioning has not been working for the past three days.

Crews managed to fix the problem overnight, so the air was finally back on Saturday.

Residents tell 3TV’s Kristine Harrington this is not the first time this has happened and while 3TV did see those crews working to get it fixed, residents say this problem should have been solved sooner.

Gloria Brown, one tenant, says, “It's unbelievably hot.” Outside it was 114 degrees and inside, without air conditioning, it was, as Brown puts it, “Sweltering! I had someone describe it as vile.”

You expect to sweat outside under the desert sun but not indoors. Brown estimates, “It's probably in excess of 100 degrees.” She and her family live at Banyan Tree Apartments near Cactus and 28th Drive where the sign says utilities are included. Nevertheless, many residents have not had air conditioning for the past three days and they were three of the hottest days of the year thus far.

Brown says, “I noticed it Tuesday night. I had them over Wednesday to fix it.” Now it is Friday and there is still no relief.

Brown has four fans circulating air but not really cooling things down. She says, “I called this morning for an update and they couldn't tell me anything.”

Management would not tell 3TV anything when we went looking for the boss in the air-conditioned office. Multiple buildings and dozens of units are without air conditioning and, while crews appear to be working on the problem, residents say they are fed up.

Brown admits, “If I had the money I'd move.

Christine Mooney, another tenant, says she has been there a few years and this is not the first time the air conditioning has gone out but it better be the last. She says, “They better fix it. I'm hoping it will be fixed by later tonight, I hope.”

3TV called the complex's corporate offices and left a message but never received a response.

Many residents say they are staying with friends and family as they try to escape the heat in their own home.