Man on cross-country hike located in Las Vegas

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By Natalie Rivers By Natalie Rivers

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. –  Flagstaff police say a man reported missing on a cross-country hiking trip was located in Las Vegas.

Salvatore Pascarelli is hiking from Florida to San Diego to raise awareness for cancer.

According to the Flagstaff Police Department, Pascarelli told his girlfriend that he was leaving Flagstaff on June 28 and was heading to Yuma.

The GPS locator that Pascarelli carries stopped working at that time. Also, Pascarelli's cell phone had either been turned off or lost power.

During his cross-country travels, Salvatore has kept regular contact with all of his family. His family told police last week that it was extremely strange that he had not tried to communicate in some fashion with them.

According to Flagstaff police Lt. Ken Koch, Pascarelli reportedly took a Greyhound bus from Flagstaff to Las Vegas on Saturday due to difficulties with his feet, which were affecting his ability to continue walking. Pascarelli went to Vegas instead of Yuma to stay with a family member and recover.

It was determined that Pascarelli's GPS and cell phone had gotten wet in Flagstaff and became inoperable.

Pascarelli contacted his girlfriend on Saturday to let her know of his change of route and she told him he had been reported as a missing person.

Pascarelli went to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and advised them that he was reported as a missing person.

Pascarelli's girlfriend called the Flagstaff Police Department on Saturday to say he had checked in.