Arizonans travelling more this Independence Day

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For the first time in years, many Arizonans are hitting the road for the Fourth of July weekend.

After two years of declining numbers, many Arizonans will celebrate America's independence by heading out of town.  AAA predicts a nearly 20% increase in holiday travel.  They credit a number of factors for the increase.

"An improvement in our economic landscape and also this hits a 3 day weekend automatically so people are really taking advantage," says Mary Pekas from AAA.

People such as Imelda Pines, she and her husband plan to head to Phoenix for a relaxing vacation by the pool, "And we discovered this hotel that has this pretty elaborate swimming pool where you actually just get on a slide and slide down."

While there are great in-state options, many more people will travel a bit further.

"We're heading for San Carlos, Mexico tomorrow morning," says Larry.

California, Mexico or staying in the state, people in Arizona are going further with less money this 4th of July weekend.

"Are going to be traveling more than 900 miles round trip and that's 50 more than the average American.  There also going to be spending 10% less than the average American.  Spending close to $600 on their vacation," says Pekas.

While a slightly better economy is fueling this travel, saving money remains key for both Larry and Imelda, "A good deal is always something people are looking for nowadays."

"I got to hope that the stock market will come back," says Larry.

And lucky for them, at an average of 2.78 a gallon. Gas is a place for them to save a few dollars.

"In the past 5 years this is some of the cheapest gas we've seen pre-Independence Day," says Pekas.

Whether you hit the road or just hit the pool, enjoy your holiday weekend.

"There's a lot of great things to see.  It's a 3 day weekend and people just want to enjoy their holiday," says Pekas.