Salvation Army desperately needs water

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The Salvation Army kicked of its annual water drive for the homeless a month ago, but this year their well is running dry and they need your help.

"We could be handing out at least 4 cases of water a day. Right now we only have a couple cases left and we have a long season ahead. So we need to see at least 100 cases through out the summer coming in and we only have 100 bottles so we are very behind."

With temperatures well over 100 degrees folks in parks like this need water and that's what the Salvation Army is trying to do.

"There's alot of people on the streets and they don't have the relief that all of us have and we desperately need water for those folks."

Since june first, the Salvation Army has been collecting water at naughton's locations and walgreen stores. This year's donation, however, have been way down.

"This year we have none and i just, we are just dumb founded on it, don't know why know one is giving this year."

For the last three years, herman flores has been handing out water to the homeless. Thursday he was handing out ice cold bottles to folks at santa rita park.

"A lot of times i will come out here and i notice that they're so grateful to be able to get that because there's really, they don't have much. A nice cold couple bottles of water there really grateful to get it."

Donald whitler has been living out of his van for the last five years. But when he sees the truck with the Salvation Army logo on it, "When he's coming I got something cold to drink, you know what I mean, Salvation Army man great."

Just like the heat this summer, the Chill Out Water Drive will continue. Until the Salvation Army has enough water to hand out to those in need.