Sahuarita landfill fees going up

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It was on the verge of extinction, but a plea from the residents of Sahuarita and a 50% increase in fees saved the town's landfill.

Some are happy. Others wont be back.

Scott Vandell has spent 42 years of his life as a landscaper.  And in that time he's come to love the Sahuarita landfill, "I come here 4, 5 times a week."

Wednesday was his last day of paying $10 per truck load.  That fee goes up 50% starting tomorrow, July 1st.  And that doesn't bother Scott one bit, "I'd pay 20, 25 dollars to avoid going to Tucson."

Others however, aren't that happy about it.

"That's why I'm here today for one thing it seems quite a lot of money for a pickup load of waste," says Larry.

For at least one more year, the Sahuarita landfill will be operating. Pi ma County had planned to temporarily close the landfill due to budget issues.

"The down turn of the economy caused us to be taken in a lot less waste then we were before," says Vandell.

But when Sahuarita residents caught word of the plan, they begged the county reconsider. But increasing the general fee by 50 percent was part of the deal, landfill goers weren't upset at all.

"Negative impact on everyone, lot more illegal dumping along side the roads, create a hardship for landscapers as well as residents who use this dump," says Vandell.

The revenues generated from the fee will reduce the existing operational deficit. Scott Vandell is happy to help, "It beats the alternative of going to Tucson."

The land fill sees more than 80 visitors a day, which adds up to 86 tons of trash every day.