Sister of fallen soldier from Scottsdale talks to 3TV about brother

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SCOTTSDALE - A Scottsdale soldier is the latest Arizona native to die fighting in the war in Afghanistan.

Sgt. John Rogers and his younger sister both served overseas. On Wednesday she shared memories of her brother with 3TV’s Steve Bodinet.

Kayla Reynolds teasingly says her older brother was an “Arizona redneck,” loving the great outdoors and NASCAR.

As she struggles to deal with his death overseas on Sunday, she says the military was this fallen soldier’s true love.

She says, “He wanted to protect America and American people and the American soil. He went over there to keep them away from us and he didn’t want them anywhere near us and he wanted to make sure that he had a place to come back to called home.”

She says she still cannot believe her beloved older brother will not be coming home.

John’s sister says, “John loved everything about this place. He was so patriotic. He was an amazing amazing person.”

John went on four tours of duty in the most dangerous parts of the world, Iraq and Afghanistan. His sister says, “John felt the most at home when he was over there with his soldiers and leading them. He found his calling. He found who he was at that point.”

Kayla served with John while they were both stationed in Iraq and still spoke to him weekly, always ending each phone call by saying, “I love you.”

Kayla says her older brother had the greatest sense of humor of anyone she has ever known.

Memorial services for Sgt. John Rogers are still pending.