Friend crashes while taking gunshot victim to hospital after party

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MARYVALE, Ariz. – A fatal shooting and a three-car wreck were connected Sunday morning on the west side.

Sgt. Gary Bradley, with the Phoenix Police Department, explains, "We responded to shots fired at a party and looks like there was probably a shooting over there and then a few moments later we rolled up on an accident out here."

Bradley says it started with an early-morning house party that took place near 79th Avenue and Indian School Road. Police say party-goers they talked to were uncooperative.

Bradley says, “Looks like the victim from the shooting possibly was trying to be transported when they got involved in a collision here at the intersection."

A fight reportedly broke out and a man identified as 20-year-old Alejandro Medina was shot. A friend tried to take Medina to the hospital but officers say that friend ran a red light and crashed around 83rd Avenue.

Medina was pronounced dead at the scene but his cause of death remains under investigation. Detectives are not sure if he died as a result of the gunshot or from the crash.

Police have identified the shooting suspect as 23-year-old Efrael Vasquez Estrada.

Investigators say the suspect was at an underage party with alcohol being served hosted by the homeowner's teen daughter in the 4100 block of north 79th Avenue. The victim and his friends showed up at the party and were reportedly not wanted there. They left and then returned allegedly to start a fight. Estrada is accused of shooting the victim as he stood in front of the house.

Medina's friends loaded him onto their car and fled the scene before being involved in the collision. At least one individual fled the scene of the crash.

After interviewing 30 witnesses, police were able to apprehend Estrada and charge him with second-degree murder. Additional charges include witness tampering, misconduct with a weapon and providing false information to police.