A day with Tucson's 'Water Cop'

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With summer time upon us, water is an essential element of survival. So, Tucson Water has a man on the prowl making sure none of it is wasted. Fox 11's Brian Roberts spent the day with the city's "water cop."

He's out there and you may not know about him, but he knows about you.

"I am the water conservationist for the Tucson water, aka the water cop," If there are pools of water on the road, Tony Almodova is finding out why.

"Already we got two violations first violation is water coming from the property into the street and see if it's a quarter inch deep usually stick my foot in here and we'll know that," Tony says it's still water like this, that contributes to other problems.

"You can see all the cracks in the street, that is from constant water, again over and over actually breaking up the street and that's where we get a lot of these pot holes at." Tony enforces city ordinances for Tucson water.  He drives around town looking for businesses violating those laws. And if he catches you, be prepared to receive a citation of $250 for each infraction.

"We live in the desert we have a finite amount of water that we have available to us therefore we have to use it wisely," says Almodova.

Tuesday the water cop was busy following up at two large retailers and an apartment complex on the south side.

"This is the last warning that they got, where they had water going off into the street."

"Everything's dry here so it looks like they clogged the drain here."

"Currently we have no water socks on this property, no water socks."

Tony worked as a landscaper the last 18 years before his career in lawn enforcement.

"Not only an enforcer but I consider myself an educator."

We live in the desert, water is scarce. So, don't waste it-- otherwise the water cop will bust you.

If you see water being wasted around town, Tucson water asks you to report it. Call 791-2514 any time of day or night to report wasted water.