With a month to go, SB 1070 protests planned, bands boycott

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Unless courts decide to block it, Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 goes into effect a month from Tuesday, but don't expect it to be a quiet month.

Today several groups opposed to the new law said they would organize protests every week up until July 29th.

The new law would give greater powers to law enforcement to determine the immigration status of people they encounter.  These groups call it racist.

"If the courts have no disallowed SB 1070 by July the 23rd, our commitment then will be, again in resistance and love to make a lot of noise at this corner," says Isabel Garcia from Derechos Humanos.

Proponents of SB 1070 claim it follows current federal law and is necessary to cut crime and violence in the state.

And several artists are boycotting Arizona.

Maroon Five, Nine Inch Nails, and Ben Harper-- now added to the list of artists boycotting Arizona over SB 1070.

That's according to a group called the "Sound Strike" which has tracked appearance cancellations since the measure became law.

Other acts who've scrubbed shows include Kanye West, Sonic Youth and comedian Chris Rock.