Gilbert PD: Man suspected of skimming, stealing credit-card info on the loose

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GILBERT -- The Gilbert Police Department is asking the public's help to track down a man suspected of committing credit-card fraud, but without ever stealing an actual credit card.

According to police, the man used a skimming device to steal a woman's credit-card number, and then used that number to withdraw $500 from an ATM at a Gilbert Bank of America.

It happened the evening of May 31. The suspect was caught on the ATM's security camera.

A skimming device is a gadget that's either handheld or wireless that electronically captures and stores credit-card information, including PINs, explained Sgt. William Balafas o the Gilbert Police Department. That information can later be downloaded to create a new credit card.

The scary part is that the owner of the original card doesn't even know the information has been stolen until money starts disappearing from his or her accounts.

"Our victim has the card in her hand," Balafas said. "She didn't lose it or anything like that."

That's why investigators believe her information was skimmed.

Police are not sure exactly what kind of skimming device the suspect in this case used. If you recognize the suspect pictured above, call the Gilbert Police Department at 480-503-6500, Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS, 1-800-343-TIPS, or email at