Plumbing work possibly to blame for early morning house fire

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix family's downtown home was destroyed by an early morning fire the might have been sparked by some plumbing work.

Firefighters were called out to 14th and Jefferson streets at about midnight. When they arrived, flames were shooting from the roof.

The parents and their small child escaped safely.

Firefighters went in to make sure everybody was out.

While the fire is still under investigation, crews believe they know how it started. "It looks to be that it was caused by was some plumbing work being done in the attic," said Capt. Time Maloney.

It's possible that some solder might have dripped while the plumber was sweating some copper pipe to seal the joints, sparking a smoldering fire.

The roof was destroyed, as was most of the house. The good news is that no injuries were reported.

The Phoenix Fire Department helped the family find a place to stay for the time being.