Strangers on a plane

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I confess it took me quite by surprise.  When I saw the trailer for “Knight and Day”, I was entertained enough to actually say something I have never, EVER uttered before, “I’m looking forward to seeing a Tom Cruise movie!”  For anyone who knows me, the statement was indeed shocking.  While I don’t hate Mr. Cruise, his genre of action films is not my cup of tea.  And his wacko beliefs and other personality traits have been a big turn off.  While I do like Cameron Diaz, I’ve never been such a fan that I would go to see a movie based on her performance alone.  But that trailer sure looked darn cute!

I’m happy to say that “Knight and Day” did not disappoint.  It is long on laughs and big on complicated action scenes.  I found a lot of the stunts inspired.  Diaz and Cruise might be getting a little long in the tooth but they certainly looked great enough and fit enough to make it all believable….well as believable as unbelievable movie action scenes can be!

If there is anything to be disappointed about it is the plotline itself.  A slightly distracted
and seemingly clumsy traveler (Diaz) bumps into an attractive stranger (Cruise) twice
before she boards her plane.  Once on the plane, guess who she runs into yet again? 
When turbulence causes her to spill her drink, Cruise offers to help her to the restroom.  While she primps and talks herself up he’s wreaking the kind of death, destruction and mayhem that only a skilled secret agent can execute.  But is he a secret agent?  And what’s the mission?  Those questions don’t get answered until about three-fourths through the movie.   And when the plot is fully laid out for you it’s more than a little thin.  But I ask you, who’s looking for a complicated plot when you go to a Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz summer flick?

Now one thing you might well be looking for in a Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz summer flick is a little romance. And that’s exactly what you get, a little romance.  Not that I missed more action on that front but I was surprised by how little there was and I can see how fans of the stars might be disappointed by that.

But one thing that will not disappoint is the sheer fun of watching these two.  There are plenty of good laughs and the stars’ characters are cute and engaging.  I much prefer getting my action fix from a Cruise character like the one he plays in Knight and Day as opposed to his “Mission Impossible” franchise.  Comical is much more likeable and engaging than cocky for me any day.

With the price of movies these days, it might not be the way to end your date night but “Knight and Day” would make a perfect start at twilight prices and a fun conversation starter for dinner afterwards.

Knight and Day captures 3 &1/2 Red Vines for being a fun summer date night movie

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN:   At the end of a preview for an animated feature called “Rio” the announcer tag said:  Coming Easter.  A man in the theatre said, “Next Easter?!  You’re kidding!”  To which the theater audience giggled and I couldn’t agree more!