Keep your pet safe this Fourth of July

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Fourth of July is right around the corner. While it is a very exciting day for you and your family, another member of your family can get very frightened – your pet. The loud noises may cause your dog or cat to act differently than they normally would. Some Fourth of July celebrations start before the Fourth; check with your city to see when they will be holding celebrations.

Do not leave your pets outdoors. The noise of the celebration events may cause your pet to try to escape. He may try to dig under the fence or even jump over it. If you keep your dog tied up, he could strangle himself trying to get away.

Your best bet is to keep your pet inside the house in a safe, secure room. Turn on a fan, the radio or the television to drown out any unusual noises. It may be a good idea to keep him in a room without windows. Some animals become destructive when frightened and may try going through the window. If you know your pet gets anxious, consult with your veterinarian about other options that may be available.

Don Stapley, Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, urges all pet owners to keep their pets safe at home. “Fireworks frighten many pets, and they may try to run” he said. “Do not take them with you to any firework parties.”

Be sure your dog or cat has an appropriate fitting collar and that they are wearing it. Your dog should have his dog license attached to the collar and your cat should have an id tag attached with your information on it. If your pet does get lost, visit both of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) locations every day. Post your pet’s information around the neighborhood and online at

The already full shelters will be bursting at the seams with animals that have run off. What’s more, the holiday weekend means MCACC will be closed one day, Sunday the 4th. Usually, MCACC is open seven days a week. This means more animals coming in and none leaving.

MCACC is asking the community to help us out. If you are planning on turning in a dog or cat, please try to wait until after the weekend. We do not want to have to consider euthanizing animals because we are out of space. If you are going to adopt, it is a wonderful time. We have many furry friends looking for new homes and wonderful adoption prices. For more information, visit