Runaway truck causes damage on Phoenix street

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PHOENIX - A runaway truck on 19th Avenue & Northern Avenue had people running Friday evening.

Residents started calling about a ghost truck, a runaway truck driving down 19th avenue with no one behind the wheel.

The truck didn’t stop before causing some damage.

Drivers were heading up 19th Avenue tonight, when a white truck caught their eyes.

“There was no one in the vehicle, I didn’t see anyone,” said witness Kerrie Duryee.

"Nobody in the truck - empty!" said witness Myrna Randle.

The truck started hitting cars near Dunlap Avenue, but didn't stop.

“The vehicle kept rolling, no one got out, no one ran away,” Duryee said.

She wasn't seeing things because there was no one behind the wheel and no one chasing it. When the truck did stop and the police arrived, even they were perplexed.
"I don’t know what to make of it, could be lots of scenarios here," Duryee said.

A tow truck driver solved the mystery as he loaded up the runaway truck.

He blamed one of his competitors, saying it probably wasn't hooked up right on the back of another tow truck and came loose.

Police are looking for that other tow truck.

Several drivers were shaken up, but luckily no one was injured.