Bring on the Red, White and Blue

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My Fourth of July celebrations have run the gambit.  I’ve celebrated at the huge fireworks shows, in a neighbors backyard, around my own pool and, one of my all time favorites, along the side of the road sitting on the tailgate of a truck with food, drinks and fireworks.

And each year it seems I’m looking for a couple of the same things – a fun way to work in the colors red, white and blue to the menu, activities for the kids and a fun drink idea.

So, if you’re in the same boat, here are some solutions for all of these.  And, again, it doesn’t matter if you’re keeping it super simple around the house or joining friends at a large get-together  – these ideas couldn’t be easier.

A Berry Nice Flag
I simply used blueberries for the stars, strawberries for the red stripes and marshmallows for the white.  The thing I liked most about this is that as you saw, it’s “an interpretation” of the flag so it takes no time at all to arrange.

Flag Flip Flops
Michael’s craft stores sell plain flip-flops for around a dollar this time of year, so this activity looks really special to the kids but is really inexpensive.  I used red, white and blue ribbon. But you can also tear strips of fabric if you want.  The best part of this craft is that it takes the kids a little while to complete – perfect for that time between swimming and the late start of fireworks.

Patriotic Crowns
My neighborhood is one that still holds a street parade each year.  These are fun for the kids to make – work for boys and girls and can have them marching around in no time.  I used red and blue duct tape, bendy straws and any kind of patriotic toppers you can find.  The kids can make these as crazy as they want!

Layered Beverages
The simple rule here is that when liquids are poured over ice the more the sugar the heavier the beverage.  So if you decrease the sugar in the liquid it will layer on top of a more sugary liquid.  I started with cranberry juice for red, topped it with blue Gatorade and then finished with a diet clear soda, like Sprite.  Just remember to pour them over ice when layering.

Have a safe and happy Fourth everyone!
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