Business owner says he's fed up with FedEx

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PHOENIX - From aluminum cans, to copper, to cars, it may look like just a junkyard to you, but it's how Andrew Holloway makes a living.

“We try to move out materials as fast as we can, we take people's recyclables,” Andrew said. “It's just the way I make my living it's the way I chose to.”

But Andrew claims his recycling business came to a standstill earlier this when he says a FedEx freight truck hit his one and only work vehicle.

Surveillance cameras mounted on his business caught the wreck on tape.

In the video, you can see Andrew's truck, about to take a left turn from Lower Buckeye into his business when a FedEx truck appears in the oncoming traffic lane.

“One of the FedEx drivers passed in the left lane, clipped my truck and put it out of commission,” Andrew said.

The freight truck blocks the camera's view of the impact, but right after the two vehicles made contact,you can see people push the vehicle out of the roadway.

The FedEx driver did stop and the two exchanged information, but Andrew says he never did call police, saying he thought FedEx would take care of the damage.

But two months later, Andrew says he's still waiting for his truck to get fixed and can't understand why it's taking so long.

“I'd like some closure, whether it be to fix it or total it out because honestly with cracks in the frame I can't see nothing but a safety hazard,” he said. “That's something I shouldn't have to deal with regardless. They hit my truck.”

FedEx tells 3 On Your Side it can't speak in detail about their internal investigation, but in a statement, a spokesperson says, "Information regarding the incident is moving through the normal claims process handled by our third-party administrator. We expect full resolution within two weeks."

But Andrew says it's been long enough.

“To them it's just another day, to me, one day is devastating.”

Andrew says a resolution can't come soon enough because every day that passes means money out the window for his business.

“I gotta get material out as fast as it's coming in,” he said. “When they hit my truck they basically closed my shop down we've actually had to close our gates a few times.”